A Makerspace is a collaborative area exclusively designed for electrical and computer engineering students. It grants access to diverse tools, equipment, and resources specifically geared towards hands-on learning, fostering creativity, and prototyping within the domain of electrical and computer engineering. This space cultivates collaboration among ECE student groups within this field, offering a platform to collectively work on projects, exchange ideas, and experiment with various technologies pertinent to their studies.

The Makerspace is exclusively allocated for students studying electrical and computer engineering at UBC.

The ECE Makerspace is equipped with an array of resources: hand tools, power tools, measurement instruments, manufacturing equipment, bandsaws, drill presses, 3D printers, an electronics assembly and testing area complete with soldering stations, and a dedicated design station.


Makerspace Booking: Ready to dive into your ECE Undergraduate & ECE Research projects? Simply email to reserve your spot in the Makerspace.