CMC Subscriptions

CMC Microsystems together with Canada’s National Design Network provide access to prototyping and manufacturing tools required to drive innovation in microsystems and nanotechnologies. By signing up for a subscription with CMC you will gain access to a wide range of world-class software that can be used for research and teaching. With a CMC subscription the cost of these software are at a bundled and reduced price, making it much more economical than getting each of the software individually. The subscription is normally purchased by the faculty and all his/her students/staff are covered by the subscription. For a list of supported CAD tools offered by CMC please refer to: Tool Matrix.
For a full list of services, and instructions on how to sign up, please visit the CMC Site by CLICKING HERE

Note: CMC subscriptions are meant for faculty and researchers in universities and academic research institutes in Canada. It has not been restricted to any specific research area.