Safety Training


All enrolled ECE Students MUST have obtained safety training before being allowed to use any of our laboratories - this training is normally completed at the beginning of the 2nd year. If you have completed this training in prior years, there is no need to take it again. This online course contains 4 training modules for undergraduate students.



Failure to complete the required safety training shall result in the following:

1) Temporal loss of access to ECE tools, machines and laboratories 

2) Refusal of  ECE Engineering Services prototyping requests typically required during project based courses

3) No consideration for Co-op positions within the ECE Engineering Services group

4) Grade penalty of up to 5% (at the discretion of lab course instructors)

5) Withholding of the Safety 101 Sticker on your UBC ID Card (distribution date of Sticker To Be Announced) 



The safety training is hosted on UBC Canvas - visit this link to enroll:



Because you are considered an employee of the University, you must abide to Worksafe BC rules and regulations. You MUST complete the "Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training Course" from UBC SRS, as well as any training courses required by your supervisor for your practical work. All the UBC SRS courses can be found by CLICKING HERE, as well as information about all training courses HERE.


Safety Videos

The ECE Engineering Services Team has produced several videos for general laboratory safety as well as specific laboratories and shops which can be found HERE