Network Access

Some licenses require the user to be connected to the ECE Network. The local networking is maintained by ECE IT and UBC IT (which are separate entities from ECE Engineering Services). More information about how to set up network access can be found HERE.

If you work in an ECE office or lab, please register your computer with ECE IT. You will then be able to connect your device directly to the ECE network using an Ethernet cable.

To register contact ECE IT with the following information:

Supervisor's Name: [SUPERVISOR'S NAME]
Your Name: [FULL NAME]
Wall Jack's CCT Number: [CCT NUMBER]
Computer's ECE Asset Number (if applicable): [ASSET NUMBER]
Computer's MAC Address: [MAC ADDRESS]
Prefered Hostname: [HOSTNAME]
Expected Termination Date (if applicable): [YYYY-MM]

NOTE: We may issue dynamic IP addresses. If you need a static IP address for your machine, briefly explain why.

MAC addresses (6 pairs of hexadecimal digits of the form xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx or xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx) can be found via one of the commands listed below (in windows run cmd and give the command in the command window):

Windows 95/98: winipcfg
Windows 2000/XP/7/8: ipconfig /all
Linux, Mac OS X: /sbin/ifconfig -a

Wireless networks such as UBC Private, UBC Secure, UBC Visitor and Eduroam are maintained by UBC IT. For more information and for help on wireless networking, please visit the UBC IT webpage HERE
Note: if you are granted access to UBCprivate, you must login with your CWL.ece , otherwise, your login fails.

Several licenses require direct connection to our local network (e.g. Altium, Matlab), in such cases you can make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection by following the instructions provided HERE
Note: if you were granted access to ECE VPN, you must login with your CWL.ece ; If you login on VPN with your CWL (no .ece) you will be placed outside ECE firewall.

More information about how to set up network access can be found HERE ; for how to contact ECE IT directly go HERE