Student Assistants

Nadine Sad-Ang

Winter Co-op 2019 & Summer 2021 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT -  1st year)

Nadine is a first-year student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology at BCIT. She is passionate about environmental technology and hopes to pursue a career in this field after her studies.

Cool facts: Nadine enjoys hiking, dancing, and reading in her spare time.




Chris Wu, BASc

Winter Co-op 2019 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT -  1st year)

Chris holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering from Ottawa University and is complementing it with an Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology education at BCIT. He is interested in power systems, especially smart grid and IoT applications for power grid.

Cool facts: Chris enjoys traveling, visiting museums and reading history books.



Nick Tam

Winter Co-op 2019 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT -  1st year)

Nick is currently a first-year student at BCIT, moving into his second year. He is currently a support technician with the Engineering Services Team, where he produces and fabricates PCBs (printed circuit boards) for classes and students. What fascinates Nick are the concepts and science behind Renewable Energy, where he plan's to pursue that industry in finding a greener, more sustainable way of life.

Cool facts: Nick enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and exploring beautiful BC! He has an interest in aquariums and the concept of self-sustaining aquascapes.


David Cai

Fall-Winter Co-op 2019 - B.ASc in Computer Engineering (UBC - 2nd year)

David is a 2nd year student studying Computer Science at UBC. He is passionate about robotics besides his study on software development. He currently assists the ECE technical services team and helps with general lab maintenance, equipment preparations, and various projects such as the development of IoT advanced features with 3D printers.

Cool facts: David enjoys being an illustrator in his spare time. He also loves traveling and trying out foods across the world.


Banpreet Aulakh

Summer Co-op 2019 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT -  2nd year)

Banpreet is passionate about all fields of science and loves new opportunities to gain knowledge. He plans to complete the Power Diploma option at BCIT to gain a practical foundation in engineering with a hope of helping to solve the sustainable energy problems of the future. As part of the Engineering Services team, he assists with projects and various tasks such as equipment inspection and maintenance.

Cool facts: Banpreet loves music, movies, and physics. He is trying to learn quantum theory when he’s not teaching himself piano or binging the new Netflix mystery series.


Kathreena Dela Cruz Agustin

Summer Co-op 2019 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT -  2nd year)

Kath is a 2nd year student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology: Telecommunications and Networks option. She plans to specialize in design, development and installation of telecommunications and networking circuits and systems. She is assisting the ECE Technical Services Team and performs general inspection and maintenance of laboratories and lab equipment.

Cool facts: Kath enjoys trying out new food and restaurants. She also works as a barista and can do some latte art.


Kinseng Cheng

Winter Co-op 2018 & Summer 2019 - B. Eng in Electrical Engineering (BCIT -  2nd year)

Kinseng is a 3rd-year student studying Electrical Engineering at BCIT. He plans to specialize in renewable energy as he loves the vision of a technological green future. He currently assists the ECE Technical Services Team with tasks that vary from repairing and preparing lab equipment so it becomes usable to students, to assist students with their fourth year Capstone Projects.

Cool facts: Kinseng enjoys spectating/playing soccer, watching movies, and traveling.



Sadan Wani

Fall Co-op 2018 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC -3rd year)

Sadan plans to specialize in Biomedical Robotics and focus on developing artificial muscles. He is helping us operate the 3D printing services and PBC prototyping machines. He assists the Capstone students by providing equipment and technical services. He will also be helping to design and build the project for ELEC 391.

Cool facts: Sadan loves to build and tinker with 3D printers in his spare time. He is also passionate about horology and plays Ultimate Frisbee even in Raincouver.


Kevin Lai

Winter Co-op 2018 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT -  2nd year)

Kevin is an aspiring electrical engineer planning to complete his power diploma in order to further his interests in power and renewable energy. He is currently part of the ECE technical services team and helps with various tasks including maintaining labs and lab equipment, providing equipment and assistance to students, and working on projects for the ECE services team.

Cool facts: Kevin is an avid fan of computer hardware and likes to research on computer technology. He also enjoys building computers.


Jyhyun Cho (Heart)

Fall Co-op 2017 - B.Design in Interaction Design (ECUAD -  2nd year)

Jyhyun is a 2nd year student studying Interaction Design at ECUAD. She is currently assisting the renovation for display cases at ECE department as a graphic designer. She is hoping to become an expert in design who can cover a wide range of design disciplines simultaneously.

Cool facts: Jyhyun loves all kinds of sports and spends many hours hiking during the summer. She also loves to sing and paint.


Amine Doulfikar

Jan-Sep Co-op 2017 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (BCIT – 2nd year)

Amine is a 2nd year student studying Electrical Engineering at BCIT. He plans in specializing in renewable energy so that he’ll be able to help the earth’s environment and future. He's part of the ECE technical Services Team helping out with the many duties required such as lab equipment repairs to maximize the learning potential of all the ECE students.

Cool facts: Amine plays all sports but is a Mixed Martial artist at heart. His dream other than becoming a Professional Engineer is to become UFC Champion. He is passionate about traveling and going on great adventures.


Andrew Yan

Summer Co-op 2017 - UBC B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 2nd year)

Andrew is a 2nd year student studying Electrical Engineering in the Biomedical Option at UBC.  He is assisting the ECE Technical Services Team with updating their website and preparing lab material for the upcoming term.

Cool facts: Andrew was formerly a competitive swimmer and loves to do various outdoor activities in his free time.


Tony Tang

Co-op 2016/17/18/19- UBC B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 3rd year)

Tony is the author of the many recent and entertaining safety and training videos that we are all enjoying at ECE. During his co-op work term on 2016, Tony produced a total of 7 videos on the topics of safety and 3D printing.  He also prepared and revised lab safety modules. He is helping us prepare more videos for the next academic years.

Cool facts: Tony loves all kinds of sports, and passionate about cinematography and photography.


Amanda Wong

Summer Co-op 2016 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 4th year)

Amanda is a 4th year student studying Electrical Engineering - Energy Systems Option as she wants to help keep the world green. She assisted the Technical Services team with LabVIEW coding for the small motors lab and with various tasks to prepare for the next school term.

Cool facts: Amanda loves to eat, sleep and hike.



Darren Lee

Co-op Jan-Sep 2016 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (BCIT - 2nd year)DARREN

Darren worked with us for two coop terms. His specialization option at BCIT is automation and instrumentation, which mainly focuses on process control, industrial data communications, PLCs, HMI, SCADA, etc. Among other duties at UBC, Darren assisted students with PCB soldering in room M117.

Cool facts: Darren's favorite hobby is sports. Loves watching and playing basketball and soccer.



Kevin Wu

Summer Co-op 2016 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 2nd year)

Kevin worked on all issues related to PCB design, including creating a very comprehensive tutorial for 3rd-year students. He is also one of the main acting characters on our series of safety videos. Kevin plans to spend his undergrad designing and building robots in the hopes that he might be able to improve the quality of life for others.

Cool facts: Kevin is designing his own go-kart. Building it will be a whole new story.


Inez Tanu

Summer Co-op 2016 - B.ASc in Chemical Engineering (UBC - 2nd year)

Inez is a 3rd-year Chemical and Biological Engineering student at UBC. She assisted ECE Engineering Services in tasks related to safety and health enforcement, such as revising safety training material for ECE labs. She also helped ECE’s Safety Manager, Matthew Kutarna to create a better tracking mechanism for safety training.

Cool facts: Inez loves to travel, eat, and is passionate about music.


Sam Lee

Summer Co-op 2016 - UBC B.ASc in Mechanical Engineering (UBC- 2nd year)

Sam worked with  Engineering Services as a summer coop student right after completing his second year as a mechanical engineering student at UBC Okanagan campus. He assisted David Feixo creating educational materials in SolidWorks with an emphasis on 3D printing and is also one of the main characters in our new series of safety and training videos.

Cool facts: Sam’s hobbies include film photography, playing the guitar and he is a huge Canucks fan.