Undergraduate Computer Labs

Like LIFE 2402 this computer lab is mostly used by courses with a computer lab component. A spare USB and a VGA cable are attached to each station to facilitate student project development. Various software such as Microsoft Office, Matlab, QuartusII and Modelsim, Visual Paradigm etc. are installed on the computers. This lab is maintained by ECE IT. For questions regarding this facility and its equipment, please contact ECE IT via the ECE IT page. Between the scheduled labs and outside posted schedules, the lab computers are available to undergraduate students to use for their project development and/or use of the software installed.

Lab Statistics
Total number of seats: 48 computer stations

Similar to LIFE 2404, except that there are 2 operating systems installed on each PC. Some courses use this lab for CAD tools which only run on Linux OS. Outside scheduled lab hours, users can reboot the machines to the OS of their choice (Linux or Windows).

Lab Statistics
Total number of seats: 48 computer stations