IT and Account Support


The UBC Department of Information Technology (UBC IT) provides campus wide support on a variety of IT services including Campus Wide Login (CWL) accounts, Teaching and Learning Tools (e.g. Connect), IT infrastructure, Campus-wide software etc.

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  • For how to use myVPN to connect to the UBC network off-campus CLICK HERE
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The ECE Information Technology Services (ECE IT) group provides specific IT support to ECE and is managed by UBC IT Client Services.

List of Most Commonly Required IT Services

An ECE computer account is required to access all departmental computers. These accounts are different from the Campus Wide Login.


If you are an undergraduate student registered in an ECE course, an account will be automatically created for you. At the end of the first week of classes, you will be able to claim your account using the Self-Service ECE Account Management tool at

You must change your password promptly and at least once every term to prevent it from being deactivated.

If you are also taking Computer Science courses, your username may be the same as the username in Computer Science. However, your ECE and CS accounts are distinct -- they have independent passwords and separate home directories.

All Others

All other accounts are created upon receipt of appropriately authorized application form AVAILABLE HERE

Complete and print the account application form. Both you and your supervisor need to complete and sign it. For your convenience, you can fill in the PDF before printing.
Bring the form to the IT Support Team in MacLeod 105, or email it to help [at]
The use of all department computing resources is subject to UBC's Acceptable Use Policies.

Students from ECE are entitled to an ECE email. The email can be setup following the instructions posted HERE.

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