Machine Shop Services



In order to request parts from the machine shop, please use the following form. Once completed this form will create a tracking ticket within our system, which you can use for further correspondence.


Note that for non-course related requests, authorization forms are required:

  • For ECE faculty, provide a speedchart.
  • For other ECE researchers (graduate students, etc.), provide authorization from your supervisor. This can be in the form of an email from the supervisor granting use of the speedchart for this task -OR- by attaching the Technical Services Authorization Form (RECOMMENDED) in the file section. This form can be filled out for a set period of time, signed ahead of time to grant use a speedchart for the duration of a project and used whenever shop work is required.
  • For non-ECE researchers, a completed journal voucher (JV) is required to authorize the request.

Note: Proper authorization for fabrication is needed before work can begin.
Please ensure this information is prepared and attached to the .ZIP File.