ELEC 291

Electrical Engineering Design Studio I
Lab Location: MCLD 2038
Engineering Services Contact – Tihomir Tunchev



All students enrolled in this course are assumed to already own an ECE 2nd Year Tools and Parts Kit.

For this course you will also require a 'ECE-ELEC291-Jesus' Kit.


Notice that the kits do NOT include batteries. You will need to supply your own 9V battery and three AA batteries

The contents of the Kits have been carefully optimized to match course requirements and reduce cost to students and therefore no substitutions will be accepted.


Kits are available for purchase from ECE online store:

-  'ECE-ELEC291-Jesus 3 Kit' ($80.00 CAD)

-  'ECE-ELEC291 Jesus 2nd Kit' ($120.00 CAD)

-  'ECE-ELEC291-Jesus' ($32.00 CAD)

-  'ECE-2ndYear-ToolsParts' ($160 CAD plus taxes)  (ONLY IF YOU DO NOT OWN ONE ALREADY)

Details on two more group kits will be posted here during the term.


To place your order [CLICK HERE]  You will need a password which will be provided by your course instructor.

IMPORTANT: Please retain a printout or screen shot copy of the final page post payment as a receipt for your payments. NO OTHER RECEIPTS WILL BE GENERATED. Bring this with your as proof of payment.


For pick-up,

You can obtain your kit from ECE Stores – MCLD1032 with name and proof of purchase.



For a full list of the ELEC291 Kit contents [CLICK HERE]
For a full list of The 2nd year Tools and Parts Kit contents [CLICK HERE]