ELEC 391

Electrical Engineering Design Studio
Instructors – STOCCO, LEO
Lab Location: MCLD 3042
Engineering Services Contact – Roberto Rosales
For course page go to instructor’s site: https://ece.ubc.ca/~leos/index.html


FacilitiesYou have card access to the 3rd Year Lab in MCLD 3042 from (TBC) 7am to 11pm, every day of the week.
The ECE Makerspace in MCLD 1016 is open Tue to Fri from 9:00-12:00am and 1:00-4:00pm
On Tue and Thu ELEC391 and Capstone students have priority use.
The Makerspace calendar is posted "here" .
Design supportMechanical design support (Room MCLD1018) and Electrical/PCB design support (Room MCLD4013)
Project Costs & QuotaLimits, costs, and schedule of services are posted 'here',
Usage is tracked 'here'
You are not charged for services listed in the link above but you must work within the specified quota.
Getting componentsYou can request components from ELEC391 TAs during your allocated lab hours.
Typically components will be ready for pickup during your next lab session.
The cost of the components will be charged to your group quota.
To order:
1. Fill your team's part order. This is a file that was shared with your group's email account.
2. During lab hours show your request to TAs for approval.
TAs can see your orders on a file or their own that mirrors all group files.
TAs will ask you to justify your requests and will take notes to manage consumption.

Order items are limited to:

- Any parts from Digikey '(HOW TO ORDER FROM DIGIKEY)'
- Any parts from McMaster-Carr '(HOW TO ORDER FROM MCMASTER-CARR)'.

Stocked parts:
- Any electrical parts in stock from this list (until stock depletes) '(LIST OF ELECTRICAL PARTS IN STOCK)'
- Any mechanical part from this list '(LIST OF MECHANICAL PARTS)'
To add these to your Orders Form:
1) copy the entire item row from the list and paste it into your Orders Form starting from the column "Part Number"
2) indicate the quantity
Shop Material requestsFill online form
Install SolidWorksFollow the instructions posted 'here'
3D printingThere are 3 FDM 3D Printers deployed in the lab for free use.
Printers are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
Instructions on how to operate the printers are available at:
Essential resources for educators teaching 3D printing
3D Printing Design

You can also submit printing job requests to Engineering Services; charges apply towards your project quota as per course Costs & Quotas posted 'here' .
To submit a request fill this Request 3D Printing form.
You have a choice of FDM printing (Low-Res), or SLA (Hi-Res).

For general inquiries email: 3D@ece.ubc.ca
Laser cuttingYou can request laser cutting jobs as per the Costs & Quotas posted 'here'
For requests fill this online form
Install AltiumFollow the instructions posted 'here'
PCB design tutorial and support files Altium's getting started tutorial is available here: Tutorial - A Complete Design Walkthrough with Altium Designer
Support files such as: Old ELEC391 Component Library, DRC file, etc. are available here
PCB submission deadlinesAny day from Mar 23 to Apr 3
Submissions before 3:00PM will be processed the same business day
PCB submission instructionsYou have a choice between two PCB manufacturers:

1. Sunstone Circuits,
Build time 2 days
Estimated shipping/delivery time 2 days

Lead time 1-3 days
Estimated shipping/delivery time 4-5 days

Use the instant quote calculator on each website to estimate costs.

Limitations: FR4 62mils/1.6mm, 1oz copper, min 5mils trace/ 5mils spacing , 2-layers, top overlay only, no assembly services, no stencils

You can include several boards in one submission, and you can request multiple copies of each.
Cost is calculated by the manufacturer + shipping

--------- TO SUBMIT :

Email To: PCB@ece.ubc.ca
Subject: [PCB] ELEC391, Group name, submission#
Attachments: one zip file with all gerber files / per design
(e.g. two designs = 2 zip files)

Total number of designs (not copies) to fabricate
Name of designs to fabricate and number of copies for each
Dimensions (width and length) for each design
Preferred vendor: Sunstone or JLCPCB

Do not forget to:
- include your group number on the top overlay layer
- draw a board outline on Mechanical 1

You can follow these instructions on how to generate Gerber and NC drill files from Altium
Shop trainingRequires you to attend an in-session training and complete an online training module with quiz.
In-person training: arranged during week 6 of the term
Online training module: visit this link to enroll https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/3KJNYB
Contact Eng Services staffFill online form
All other requestshelp@ece.ubc.ca