Specialized Facilities

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This is a small electronics lab for non-profit /non-course related work. It is open to all students and staff and bookable on a per session basis.
To be eligible for access you must have an active status with ECE UBC (enrolled, employed).
Access to this lab can be booked online (faculty and staff) from the ECE Meeting Room Booking System, or by email (students) to access@ece.ubc.ca

When requesting access specify:

  • Your name
  • Your UBC ID number
  • Current status at UBC
  • Intended date and hours of use
  • Nature of work you will be performing in M323

Every bench in this lab is equipped with a simple DC power supply, oscilloscope, function generator, multi-meter. There is a single soldering station and no computers.

Equipment in this Lab

Lab Capacity
Lab benches: 6 (12 seats total)