Technical Services Team

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David Feixo - Mechanical Design Degree, CNC Machinist Diploma (Polytechnic Institutions, Spain)IMG_20151130_110408487_HDR

Having numerous years of CAD/CAM Design in industry under his belt, David joins us to form the Mechanical branch of Engineering Services. He provide mechanical design support, in particular 3D printing support to technical services that we offer here at ECE.

Cool Fact: David's experience includes robotic work-cell simulation in automotive industry among others.

Dr. Ion Isbasescu - PhD in Electrical Engineering (University of Iasi, Romania), P.EngION TEAM

Having held multiple prestigious teaching positions at both The University of Pitesti and Thompson River's University, and having a thick background in Electrical Engineering, Ion is the lead member in energy systems on our team.

Cool fact: Ion's PhD thesis is on levitation technology.

Mark Finniss - Interprovincial Machinist (Journeyman), TQ Welding Level C, UBC Bachelor's Degree in Education.MARK TEAM

Mark Finniss is the head machinist at ECE and has over 30 years of experience in the field of mechanics and machining. Besides being a high school teacher for 10 years in the interior teaching machining, he also has numerous years of experience as machinist for ECE.

Cool fact: Mark enjoys building his own race cars for road racing.

Matthew Kutarna - BASc in Engineering Physics (UBC), EIT. Matthew TEAM

Matthew is the Technical Services, Facilities and Safety Manager for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Besides having experience working in the Aerospace Industry, Matthew also has experience in robotics.

Cool fact: Matthew also used to be a rower. Talk sci-fi and history with him.

Dr. Roberto Rosales - PhD in Electrical Engineering (UBC)Roberto TEAM

Roberto is an electrical engineer with 25+ years of experience and specializes in the design and test of analog ICs. He is the Team Lead for the Engineering Services group and has been for many years the Test Lab Manager for the System-on-Chip group at UBC.

Cool Fact: Roberto used to be a rower.

His personal website can be seen HERE

Roozbeh Mehrabadi - M.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC), P.Eng Roozbeh Team

Having both an extensive background in CAD and a Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Roozbeh is the lead for CAD tools in the Engineering Services group. In addition, he is also the CMC Support representative at UBC.

Cool fact- Roozbeh probably traveled more than Marco Polo.

Tihomir Tunchev - M.ASc in Electrical Engineering (Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria)TIHO Team

Besides his extensive industrial experience in Europe, United States, and Canada, Tiho is also well experienced in academia. He is currently the Program Support Engineer here at the UBC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Cool fact- Tiho’s industrial experience includes quality control of electronic systems of Millennium Class cruise liners at the ship building yard Chantiers de l’Atlantique.
Tiho is also an avid photographer who spends his time capturing moments on film.

Andy Liu, Project Support Engineer - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical OptionANDY FINAL TEAM

After two years with ECE Engineering Services Andy moved on Sep 2016 to pursue studies at the UBC Medical School. Good luck Andy, we wish you success in your new career path!

Student Assistants 

Amine Doulfikar  – Jan-Sep Co-op 2017 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (BCIT – 2nd year)

Amine is a 2nd year student studying Electrical Engineering at BCIT. He plans in specializing in renewable energy so that he’ll be able to help the earth’s environment and future. He's part of the ECE technical Services Team helping out with the many duties required such as lab equipment repairs to maximize the learning potential of all the ECE students.

Cool facts: Amine plays all sports but is a Mixed Martial artist at heart. His dream other than becoming a Professional Engineer is to become UFC Champion. He is passionate about travelling and going on great adventures.

Tony Tang - UBC B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 3rd  year)

Tony is the author of the many recent and entertaining safety and training videos that we are all enjoying at ECE. He is helping us prepare more videos for the next academic year.

Cool facts: Love all kinds of sports, and passionate about cinematography and photography.

Andrew Yan - UBC B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 2nd year)

Andrew is a 2nd year student studying Electrical Engineering in the Biomedical Option at UBC.  He is assisting the ECE Technical Services Team with updating their website and preparing lab material for the upcoming term.

Cool facts: Andrew was formerly a competitive swimmer and loves to do various outdoor activities in his free time.


Amanda Wong, Summer Co-op 2016 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 4th  year)

Amanda is a 4th year student studying Electrical Engineering - Energy Systems Option as she wants to help keep the world green. She assisted the Technical Services team with LabVIEW coding for the small motors lab and with various tasks to prepare for the next school term.

Cool fact: Amanda loves to eat, sleep and hike.


DARREN LEE, Co-op Jan-Sep 2016 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology program (BCIT - 2nd year)DARREN

Darren worked with us for two coop terms. His specialization option at BCIT is automation and instrumentation, which mainly focuses on process control, industrial data communications, PLCs, HMI, SCADA, etc. Among other duties at UBC, Darren assisted students with PCB soldering in room M117.

Cool facts - Favorite hobby is sports. Loves watching and playing basketball and soccer.


Kevin Wu, Summer Co-op 2016 - B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 2nd  year)

Kevin worked on all issues related to PCB design, including creating a very comprehensive tutorial for 3rd year students. He is also one of the main acting characters on our series of safety videos. Kevin plans to spend his undergrad designing and building robots in the hopes that he might be able to improve the quality of life for others.

Cool Fact: Kevin is designing his own go-kart. Building it will be a whole new story.


Inez Tanu, Summer Co-op 2016 - B.ASc in Chemical Engineering (UBC - 2nd year)

Inez is a 3rd year Chemical and Biological Engineering student at UBC. She assisted ECE Engineering Services in tasks related to safety and health enforcement, such as revising safety training material for ECE labs. She also helped ECE’s Safety Manager, Matthew Kutarna to create a better tracking mechanism for safety training.

Cool fact: Inez loves to travel, eat, and is passionate about music.


Sam Lee, Summer Co-op 2016 - UBC B.ASc in Mechanical Engineering (UBC- 2nd year)

Sam worked with  Engineering Services as a summer coop student right after completing his second year as a mechanical engineering student at UBC Okanagan campus. He assisted David Feixo creating educational materials in SolidWorks with an emphasis on 3D printing and is also one of the main characters in our new series of safety and training videos.

Cool fact: Sam’s hobbies include film photography, playing the guitar and he is a huge Canucks fan


Tony Tang, Summer Co-op 2016 - UBC B.ASc in Electrical Engineering (UBC - 2nd  year)

Tony Tang is one of the 2016 co-op students from our own electrical engineering department. During his work term Tony produced a total of 7 videos on the topics of safety and 3D printing.  He also prepared and revised lab safety modules.

Cool facts: Love all kinds of sports, and passionate about cinematography and photography