Self-serve Fabrication (Limited due MCLD Renovations)

Safety Training

All students who wish to use the workshops must receive safety training appropriate to the tools they wish to use. When working in our shops you must at all times wear on display your student card in a sleeve you can get in the machine shop. The sleeve is used to display badges showing additional qualifications you have earned. You may earn badges after successfully completing Machine Shop Safety Training or various One-on-one Training sessions. While in the shops a machinist may ask to inspect your badge(s) and student card. Our machinists may ask you to leave the shops if you don’t have appropriate qualifications.


Once you have completed the Machine Shop Safety Training you’ll earn the Hand Tools Badge that allows entry to the Shops and the use of Hand Tools during open shop hours (please see the shop schedule for more details).


Other badges available are:

  • Drill Press
  • Shearing
  • Bending
  • Finishing
  • Spot Welder
  • Bandsaw


Graduate students may also earn badges in:

  • Waterjet
  • Nail-guns
  • Other Special Tools


Machine Shop Safety Training Sessions

These sessions will be conducted in small groups by one of our machinists. Book your training by emailing After attending the training session and passing the test you will be awarded the Hand Tools Badge that gives you access to the ECE Workshops and to use hand tools. ELEC 391 Students – please note: you’ll take your training during a scheduled lab. Details will be given by the course instructor.


One-on-one Training

To get one of the One-on-one badges mentioned above please book an appointment via the email address above. You’ll be asked for the type of training you wish to receive while booking. You may bring one or two others with you for a maximum of three people in a One-on-one Training.


Note to Undergraduate Students: It isn’t necessary for all team members to earn all badges but it’s highly likely that your team will need, collectively, the Shearing, Drill Press, Bending and Finishing badges. We recommend that one or two members earn these badges early in the term. The number of One-on-one Training sessions available in the latter part of the term is limited and if no sessions are available you will not be able to earn a badge.


Note to Graduate Students: The number of training sessions (both Machine Shop Safety and One-on-one) is limited and expected to be exhausted at times. Please schedule your research activities accordingly.