Request WaterJet – ECE Undergraduate Students for Project Courses

Please use the form below to submit a request for WaterJet Cutting.

  • Parts should be ready for pick up within 5 business days (Plan ahead if you need to meet a deadline).
  • Once ready, you will be notified via email.

A Request Ticket will be automatically generated in our RT system, and an email confirmation will be sent (to the email address you provided) with the RT ticket number indicated in the subject line.
Note: If you do not receive a follow-up email from the staff within 2 business days, please reply to the confirmation email for an update.

Note for ELEC 391 : Groups are allowed to submit up to 8 jobs this WT-2 term.


Other Helpful Information:

Our Omax WJ (Model 2652) X-Y Cutting Envelope is 48″ x 26″ (1,321 mm x 660 mm), and the minimum radius that can cut is 0.020″(0.508mm). The CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software that runs our Omax WJ cannot interpret lines generated using spline commands (DXFs could have splines if you used the spline command directly or if complex radius tools were used. e.g., Asymmetric Fillets).


Regarding minimal features, typically, we do not support holes smaller than 1.75mm in diameter or cuts that do not let at least 1mm of material from the edges. We don’t allow either Waterjet Nesting in your DXFs (Multiple Parts arrayed in one DXF only), our machinist will nest your DXF unique design part according to his expertise and material considerations.


TL;DR In Short, your submission shall be rejected if:


  • X-Y Envelope is bigger than 48″x26″(1,321 mm x 660 mm).
  • Any radius on your DXF is smaller than 0.50 mm (0.020″).
  • The DXF design presents holes that are smaller than ø1.75 mm (ø0.07″).
  • You used Spline Line commands on your designing process.
  • Nesting is used in your DXFs (Multiple designs copies on your DXFs).
  • Cuts do not leave at least 1 mm from the edges.


For your reference, see an Omax WaterJet in action here.