CPEN 291

Computer Engineering Design Studio I
Lab Location: MCLD 2038
Engineering Services Contact – Tihomir Tunchev


All students enrolled in this course are assumed to already own an ECE 2nd Year Tools and Parts Kit.

For this course you will also require a 'CPEN291 Project Kit'


Notice that the kits do NOT include batteries.

The contents of the Kits have been carefully optimized to match course requirements and reduce cost to students and therefore no substitutions will be accepted.


Kits are available for purchase from ECE online store on (Date TBA):

-  'UBC ECE CPEN291 Project Kit' ($112 CAD)

-  'UBC ECE Second-Year Tools and Parts Kit' ($160 CAD plus taxes)  (ONLY IF YOU DO NOT OWN ONE ALREADY)


To place your order [CLICK HERE]  You will need a password which will be provided by your course instructor.

You will pickup your kits at UBC. Instructions will be announced by the course instructor and posted here.


For a full list of the CPEN291 Projects Kit contents (To be updated) [CLICK HERE]
For a full list of The 2nd year Tools and Parts Kit contents [CLICK HERE]


Instructions to activate your ECE computer account: 

If you are an undergraduate student registered in an ECE course an account will be automatically created for you. At the end of the first week of classes, you will be able to claim your account using the Self-Service ECE Account Management tool at https://id.ece.ubc.ca/.

You must change your password promptly and at least once every term to prevent it from being deactivated.

If you are also taking Computer Science courses, your username may be the same as the username in Computer Science. However, your ECE and CS accounts are distinct — they have independent passwords and separate home directories.

Virtual Lab

Instructions for remote access to the Virtual Lab computers are posted HERE, you will need to use your ECE computer account credentials.