Instructions to Setup Printer Queue for Ricoh printers

Windows OS:

  1. Login as Administrator
  2. From the Windows Start menu run the command “cmd”, a Command Prompt window will open.
  3. At the Command Prompt enter:
    start  \\\R439VQ          # Note: R stands for Ricoh, 439 for the room number and VQ for Virtual Queue
  4.  After 10 to 20 seconds you should get a login menu.  At the userID section enter:
    UBC_ECE\<userID>      # replace <userID> with your ECE userID  (not CWL)
  5. Click OK. It may take a few minutes to install the driver for this copier, you should see a progress report.
    At the end, you should see the print queue: R439VQ on papercut  added (in its properties, you should see:  Ricoh MP 6503)

==  In its Accessories tab, un-select “Copy Tray”. This will enable the finisher options.  Enable:
== SR 4120        #this will enable HolePunch and Staple options.  Good to leave them empty by default and add them when you are
#   printing. If it has detected the right accessories already, you are good to go.
Now you are ready to print.

Your print jobs from this Windows machine, will be queued and paused until you sign in on a device (in M439) and choose the print-release option, or by login on the page:                # login with your ECE ID/password; then select “Jobs Pending Release” on the left.

Note: if your “start” command produced an error message (Operations could not be completed error: 0x0000709) then you have to use the IP address of papercut host (due to MS Windows issue with our DNS server response):

start   \\\R439VQ

Mac OS:

For Mac, there are 2 portions. One to install the printer driver and print to the copier/printer. The other (optional) to install the “PCclient” to see your user profile (how much you have printed, how much credit you have left; which we don’t need at this time) and release jobs etc. Please follow the instructions listed below:

Under MacOs it lists the instructions. The URL to use for our printer queue is:


Note: use the string username:password as is. When asked for your login credentials, please use your ECE ID/password.

Notice that you have to use the “Advanced” icon (as explained in the instruction web page above). The software name (printer driver) should be for Ricoh MP 6503. You can get it from here, if not listed.