Survey Page

Dear users:

The purpose of the following survey is to better understand the current needs of the users of the Lighting Lab and to assist us to make sound future decisions.

Currently, the most critical factors impacting the operation of the Lightning Lab are:
  1. The high cost of preventive maintenance service agreement. A yearly preventive maintenance contract is ~$15.000CAD and does not include the cost of parts, technician hourly rate, and travel expenses. For this reason, the printers have been running without manufacturer maintenance support since December 2016; all repairs since then have been done internally within the limits of our own time and capabilities.
  2. The printers, now 8 years old, are reaching their end-life service cycle. Part failures are frequent, and the cost of onsite support and spare parts is high.
  3. At this time only one Polyjet Object 24 printer is operational, and all internal repairing options have been exhausted. A recent quotation to repair all printers exceeds ~$27.000 CAD. We will likely only proceed with servicing of the unit that is currently working.
New driving possibilities to consider are:
  1. There is now a wider range of 3D printer options and providers than 8 years ago as well as new interesting emerging prototyping technologies that may be of interest to lab users.
  2. The upcoming renovation of the MacLeod building creates a unique opportunity to reshape our prototyping operations.


This survey should not take more than 5 minutes of your time, and it will assist us to provide or improve our future prototyping service capabilities.