ELEC 201

Circuit Analysis I
Instructor: Professor Luis Linares, Jesus Calviño
Lab Location: MCLD 322
Engineering Services Contact: Tiho Tunchev

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NOTICE: By request of the course instructor all soldering irons have been disabled in this room.

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RP Electronics is completely sold out of the ECE Second year Tools and Parts Kits. More Kits can be purchased now directly from the ECE Department.
Buyers will have to make a payment of $125.00 (exact cash amount, credit/debit cards not accepted) in the Main Office K5500 and with the receipt they can obtain their Kits from the ECE Stores:

ECE Stores contact info:
Ricardo Pierre - Storekeeper



This year, all incoming second year students (both ELEC and CPEN) are required to purchase a standard/common individual 'ECE second-year Tools and Parts Kit' necessary for the following project courses: CPEN211, ELEC201, ELEC/CPEN291, ELEC292, ELEC391, and Capstone.

If you are taking ELEC201 this term or the next, you will only need this Kit.  For other subsequent project courses you may be required to purchase specialized additional component Kits.

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For a full list of KIT contents [CLICK HERE]