ELEC391 3D Printing Queue

The queue is new and is currently being tested; please exercise patience when using the queue as Engineering Services tests it for problems and allow a few minutes for updates after you submit entries. If you notice any issues or discrepancies with the queue system, please inform ECE Engineering Services at your earliest convenience. Engineering Services retains the right to suspend, modify, or amend the queue, its entries, and the queue form itself.

An online 3D printing queue was created for ELEC391 (2015W,T2) in order to allow students to register for and view the queue wherever they may be; the queue will be left open so long as 3D printing is offered for the aforementioned iteration of the course.

The queue is public and may be freely viewed; however, account registration is required to gain entry into the queue system, and each group should only register one account. To register an account, please email the following information to elec391@gmail.com, and allow up to 24 hours for the account to become active:

  1. Group ID (e.g. A1)
  2. Account password - group selects own desired password

The queue will open at 7 AM and close at 6 PM daily, and all queue entries are cleared by the end of each day. Please only book one queue slot for your group - any duplicate bookings by one group will result in the removal of all but the last (most recent) booking for that group. Also, please adhere to the form's questions' formats - any deviation from the expected formats may lead to the rejection of your queue entry as well as subsequent entries.

Permission to print will be granted by TAs via ordered tokens, indicating your order in the queue. Completed 3D print job queue entries should be immediately reported to David of ECE Engineering Services, and tokens returned to him as well. Print times will be checked by TAs for validity and false reports will lead to the removal of the job entry (or a temporary ban on printing, at the discretion of Engineering Services).

Please show up to your registered queue entry. If you are unable or unwilling to 3D print despite registering in the queue, please inform David of ECE Engineering Services or submit a new entry with a print duration of 0. Unattended entries in the queue will be removed after 30 minutes and the times will be added to the groups' cumulative times.

The queue accepts the most recent entry from each group, dismissing earlier ones, and sorts all the entries based on multiple sorting methods. Sorting methods are indicated below, with the first applicable method (going down the list) being the chosen one.

  • Minimum group cumulative print time - based on all completed print jobs' durations; priorty given to lower cumulative times
  • Order of entry into queue - based on timestamps; priority given to earlier entries

To create an entry in the queue, please fill out the queue entry form found at the following link.

The queue is shown below. Please allow up to 10 minutes for the queue to update after you submit an entry and manually refresh the page to display updates. If you would like to view a more regularly updated queue, please visit the following link - this system refreshes itself approximately once a minute. If your entry does not appear, please inform ECE Engineering Services before you resubmit another one as we may manually enter your entry into the queue - we keep a log of all submissions.